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Choose Happiness Every Day

January 10, 2012

How do you do it?

How do you get up in the morning when you’ve had hit after hit…

you’re so wrapped up in your universe that you can’t see anything else outside…

It’s OK. Sometimes the world does crumble…and it feels like it’s never going to be made right ever again…

The trick is, looking out, looking at something, some one, other than your cocoon of darkness…

Step outside.

Walk into the light…

Reach out to your inner light, reach out for that GOD particle in yourself… find that truth that brings you in line with the universe.

Allow the Universe to flow through you, unobstructed by fear, by doubt, by attachment to outcomes, attachment to anything.

Let go, and let the universe do your biding.

Stop asking for things! Life is not about THINGS! Right? I mean, when you look back at your life, do you remember THINGS? Or do you remember moments, and people, and places, and things you did?

So when your world comes crashing down again, remember some PERSPECTIVE.

Breathe, and get in touch with your light.

Everything else will sort itself out, and in the end, everything is going to be alright.

And for the pessimists out there, even when you feel like it’s the end of the world, and that you’re only being dealt a bad hand, maybe it’s time to change your priorities, view things from a different perspective?

When life gets really tough to handle, that’s when it’s the hardest to see any light, see any hope… I mean I get it, really! I am not immune to the world crumbling around me… It’s been happening a whole lot lately…

But how can I deny my path? How can I say no to my lesson?

Buddha said that all life is pain. I believe that wholeheartedly. And at the same time, I believe that only the STRONG are dealt heartache, because they’re the only ones that can handle it. Think about it. If you couldn’t handle all the pain in your life, all the disasters, all the surgeries, all the judgments, all the disappointments, don’t you think that it would stop? somehow, you’ve been able to make it, through everything… so don’t you give up now!

Don’t give up now. One more step, towards the light, and I promise, it will get better. If only for a while, it will get better. Then when the wheel turns again, and it all looks dark and heavy again, remember the LIGHT. Remember that you did get out of the last darkness, that the universe was there, providing a way out last time.

And if you still can’t make your way out of the darkness, a psychologist could help. Especially one that can infuse psychology with spirituality, giving you the tools you need now, and help you build the necessary skills to cope later. Look for a counselor that can help you change behavior, as well as thought.

And when everything you have has been taken away, destroyed, maimed, or sold from under you, GIVE OF YOURSELF. Give everything you have, give your time, give your smile, give your light.  And the world will be better, and you will be better.

Smile now, and breathe and let the universe flow through you. Renounce attachment to the WAY things come your way, and focus & visualize the outcome. Don’t freak out when you lose your job. Allow the universe to provide you another way for you to pay your bills. Remove the blockages, and the river that is the universe will flow through you making all your dreams come true.

Breathe! Again… and again… and again… and release the stress from the shoulders, from your face, and from your thoughts. Breathe deeply and fill yourself with the light that unites us all, and moves us through the universe together. We are all one, and we are all with you, helping you making all your dreams come true.

Trust! Trust that the universe is listening, and the it will provide what you need. Trust yourself in making all of it happen when the time comes. Trust that you will be happy, content with your job/work, at peace in your family, in love with your significant other, appreciative and respectful with yourself. Trust and love yourself and your path, and let it unfold beneath your feet, because it is already there, no matter what. Might as well enjoy the journey, don’t you think?

Detach from fear, outcomes, negativity, and knickknacks. Clean your environment from dust gathering objects=stale and dead energy. Clear your closet of things that used to look good on you as well as things that will look good on you in the future=this is denying your body’s present state, and present joy. Let go of old loves, and focus on the person in front of you: yourself. If you are in a relationship and it’s not making you happy, re-evaluate. Were you happy? Will you be happy? Can you do something-and I don’t mean change the other person- yourself to make the relationship better? If there is, then do it wholeheartedly! Stay present in your body, in your day to day life, and in your self, and choose happiness.

And I leave you with that: CHOOSE HAPPINESS EVERY DAY! consciously, purposefully, fully aware that that’s the reason you have made it to this point, so you can choose it again and again.


and from me to you, Peace, Love and Light!

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